Tap into Moroccan talent remotely, reducing relocation costs


⦁ Connect with skilled Moroccan professionals without the need for them to relocate to the United States.
⦁ Remote team members from Morocco allow you to operate with lower overhead costs compared to traditional in-person teams.
⦁ Gain an edge in cost-effectiveness, enabling you to invest more in innovation and market expansion.
⦁ Save on expenses related to international relocation, such as visas, housing, and travel.
⦁ The ongoing cost savings of remote Moroccan team members contribute to sustained financial benefits over time.




Moroccans hold influential positions in the United States, contributing to various industries:

⦁ They excel as software developers, engineers, and data analysts, driving innovation.
⦁ Many serve as esteemed teachers, professors, and administrators in schools and universities.
⦁ Many with engineering backgrounds excel in diverse fields like civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering.
⦁ Moroccans are engaged in cutting-edge research, fueling the development of new technologies.

Making Remote Work Your Friendly Solution


Remote workers in the US in 2019 in million


Increase in remote work over the past 10 years in the US


 Americans will be working remotely by 2025 in million

Remote work provides numerous advantages


For employers

⦁ Cost savings
⦁ Global reach
⦁ Talent pool
⦁ Productivity
⦁ Flexibility

For employees

⦁ Flexibility
⦁ Autonomy
⦁ Productivity
⦁ Location
⦁ Savings

Empowering Through Moroccan Skills


Multilingual Abilities

⦁ Moroccans boast multilingual prowess, with fluency in French, English, and native Arabic, a valuable asset for American businesses.
⦁ Their proficiency in Arabic equips American businesses to extend their influence in the Middle East market, capitalizing on seamless communication.
⦁ Moroccans’ strong communication skills foster smooth interactions, nurturing mutual understanding and facilitating business growth.
⦁ Thanks to their language skills, Moroccans help American businesses connect globally, bridging gaps and building strong relationships.

Budget Friendly

⦁ Hiring remote team members from Morocco provides access to skilled professionals at a fraction of the cost compared to local hires.
⦁ The favorable exchange rates between Western currencies and the Moroccan Dirham amplify cost savings, making your budget go further.
⦁ Hiring remote team members from Morocco eliminates expenses tied to physical office spaces, utilities, and associated maintenance.
⦁ Leveraging the time zone difference allows for longer operational hours, potentially increasing output without increasing expenditure.

Time Zone Efficiency

⦁ Hiring remote team members from Morocco ensures 24/7 availability, allowing tasks to be addressed and resolved without delays across various time zones.
⦁ With a Moroccan remote team, you can take advantage of the time zone difference to expedite project completion through continuous work cycles.
⦁ Overlapping work hours foster seamless communication and on-the-spot collaboration between your local team and remote members in Morocco.
⦁ Harnessing the time zone advantage ensures smoother workflows as tasks seamlessly transition between teams, reducing idle time and enhancing productivity.

Choose Your Preferred Strategy

Hire your remote Moroccan teams directly from Morocco in two different forms

Employee of Record (EOR)

We provide extensive human resources solutions that help you save time, lower expenses, and enable seamless global growth.



We handle contracts, onboarding, legal adherence, and payments for a diverse range of contractors, thus conserving your time and valuable resources.


⦁ Both the United States of America and Morocco have developed distinct legal systems to govern their respective hiring processes.
⦁ These systems are strategically designed to facilitate smooth and efficient hiring, benefiting both Employers of Record (EOR) and contractors.
⦁ The two countries display notable alignment in effectively managing tax obligations related to employment.
⦁ The legal frameworks in place oversee the entire spectrum of the hiring process, ensuring fairness and operational efficiency.
⦁ These hiring processes offer advantages to all parties involved, fostering a favorable environment that supports businesses and workers alike.


Remootify provides you with helpful direction and assistance

⦁ Our operations span The US, Canada, and multiple countries worldwide, establishing a strong international presence.
⦁ Our team of experts is dedicated to addressing your legal and HR requirements with precision.
⦁ As the fastest hiring service available to American enterprises, we ensure prompt and efficient processes.


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