Why Not Hiring Remote Team Members from Morocco!


Benefit from Moroccan professionals right from Morocco, eliminating the need to relocate them to Canada. This process is seamless, cost-effective, and hassle-free.

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Cost-Effective Strategy


Hiring remote team members from Morocco can offer cost advantages compared to hiring local employees in Canada. Salaries and labor costs in Morocco may be lower, allowing businesses to allocate resources more efficiently.


Why Moroccan Talents?


More than 300,000 Moroccans are living in Canada.


  • They hold influential positions across diverse sectors.
  • They have leading roles in prestigious colleges & universities.
  • They drive innovation in commercial banking, IT consulting, and engineering services.
  • Their contributions in Canada are both widespread and impactful.


Moroccan employees in France


Moroccan employees in Spain


Moroccan migrants living in the US



About 51,000 Moroccans study abroad, gaining significant benefits



Moroccan students in France


Moroccan students in Spain, Germany, & Italy


Moroccan students in Canada

Saving Costs

  • Hiring remote Moroccan teams allows Canadian businesses to benefit from lower labor costs, reducing overall expenditures.
  • By outsourcing to Morocco, businesses can avoid the expenses associated with physical office spaces, utilities, and other on-site facilities.
  • Taking advantage of competitive hourly rates offered by Moroccan professionals helps businesses save money on wages without compromising on productivity.
  • Time zone differences allow for seamless 24/7 operations, leading to more efficient use of resources and potential cost savings.
  • Accessing a diverse skill set in Morocco means businesses can find specialized talent at a fraction of the cost compared to local hires.
  • Remote teams offer scalability and flexibility, enabling businesses to adjust their workforce size based on project needs, optimizing cost management.


Time Zone Advantage

  • Canadian businesses benefit from time difference with Morocco, enabling extended work hours and 24/7 coverage, boosting productivity.
  • Projects are completed faster with round-the-clock work, benefiting both Canadian and Moroccan teams.
  • Canadian businesses can offer 24/7 customer support to international clients, improving service quality.
  • Prompt responses to urgent matters are possible for Canadian businesses, even during their off-hours, due to the time zone advantage.
  • Seamless collaboration between Canadian and Moroccan teams is facilitated by the time difference.
  • Canadian businesses may achieve potential cost savings from optimized workflow without incurring additional expenses


Multilingual Abilities

  • Moroccans are multilingual, with proficiency in English, French, and Arabic.
  • Their language abilities offer a competitive advantage to Canadian businesses.
  • They can help businesses expand their reach to the Arab world due to their Arabic language skills.
  • This multilingual capacity enables effective communication with diverse global markets.
  • They bridge the language gap, facilitating international business opportunities.

Multicultural Awarness

  • Moroccans’ understanding of various cultures enhances business engagement with diverse clientele.
  • Their global perspective and cultural awareness facilitate successful ventures in international markets.
  • Moroccans bring a unique blend of skills and experiences, enriching Canadian businesses.
  • Morocco’s cultural sensitivity can be an asset in navigating global markets.
  • Moroccan employees may have a unique understanding of different cultural preferences and business practices.

Remote Work is the Future


⦁ 93% of employers have expressed their intention to continue conducting job interviews remotely.
⦁ This shows a strong willingness to adapt to virtual methods in the hiring process.
⦁ It also signals the recognition of remote work as a viable and sustainable option for both employers and employees.


Companies are fully remote


Full time employees work from home


Americans will be working remotely by 2025 


Canadians were working from home in 2021

Benefit from Moroccan skills




You can hire your remote team members right away from Morocco in two forms!

Employee of Record (EOR)

We offer comprehensive HR services, saving you time, reducing costs, and facilitating international expansion



We manage contracting, onboarding, legal compliance, and payments for a diverse pool of contractors, saving you time and resources.

  • Both Canadian and Moroccan governments have developed legal systems for hiring processes.
  • The systems are designed to facilitate seamless hiring for both Employers of Record (EOR) and Contractors.
  • These countries exhibit remarkable compatibility in managing taxes related to employment.
  • The legal frameworks govern the entire hiring process to ensure fairness and efficiency.
  • The hiring processes are beneficial for all parties involved, providing a conducive environment for businesses and workers.

Remootify Gives You Guidance


⦁ We have an international presence in Canada and various other countries across the globe.
⦁ We have experts to assist you with all your legal and HR needs.
⦁ We are the quickest hiring service for Canadian businesses.


We comply with local laws 




We sign contracts & onboard hired candidates 




We manage Payroll





We track time and ensure productivity



The Advantages We Provide


No offices to build



No payroll management



No equipment to buy 



No contracts to sign




At Remootify, We Take Care of Everything!