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    An Employee of Record (EOR) is a third-party entity that legally employs and  manages workers on behalf of another company. The EOR handles tasks like payroll, benefits, and compliance with labor laws, while the client company maintains control over the employees’ work. This arrangement is often used for global expansion or to simplify HR responsibilities.





At Remootify, we take on the role of the official employer for your company’s workforce. We handle essential responsibilities such as managing payroll, benefits administration, HR support, legal compliance, and other employment-related tasks on your behalf.


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The significance of Employer of Record (EOR) is evident from the statistics pertaining to the market in 2029


Global Employer of Record Platform market value in 2022

in US$ million


Anticipated market value by 2029

in US$ million



Through our services, we become the legal employer of your workers, allowing you to concentrate on your core business operations with peace of mind.




Onboarding contracts can vary across different countries, and we understand the specific requirements of each country. We assist with country-specific aspects such as minimum wage regulations and documentation requests, ensuring a smooth and successful onboarding process.




It is our responsibility to handle all aspects of payroll and benefits in accordance with local laws. We ensure timely payment of salaries in the local currency, providing you with peace of mind.




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    Once a business identifies a new hire,  we (the EOR) takes charge of the onboarding process. This includes managing the employment agreement and establishing all necessary protocols to enable the new team member to seamlessly integrate into the company.

    We assume full responsibility for managing payroll and local tax obligations for both the employee and the employer. This entails handling payment processes and issuing payslips to the business’s team members.

    When an employee’s contract needs to be terminated, we efficiently manages all necessary details and procedures involved in the process.

    We offer a range of benefits including health insurance, time-off policies, parental leave, and more.