Recruit contractors compliantly


Contractors are individuals or entities hired by a company on a temporary basis to perform specific tasks or projects. They are not considered employees and typically work independently, often providing specialized skills or services for a predetermined period under a contractual agreement.





At Remootify, we look for independent workers for your business, ensuring a smooth hiring process, and meticulously adhering to all relevant regulations and legal requirements.

We take care of the process of recruiting and onboarding contractors to engage on a temporary or project-based basis to provide specific services or expertise to you.


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More and more Americans are choosing to embrace the advantages of working independently

64.6 million

Independent Workers (2022)

in million

21.6 million

Full-Time Independents

in million


Succeed in Your Business with Remootify!



Experience true comfort with Remootify as we handle all aspects for you, from onboarding and compliance to invoicing and payments. Stay at ease while we take care of everything.




  • We maintain a clean audit trail, with easy access to all team contracts and documents in one place, ensuring you’re always prepared.
  • We take care of everything to set up your team for work – from collecting tax, permit, and compliance documents to ensure smooth operations.
  • We provide compliant contract creation and signing in seconds, protecting your business from risks.



We can quickly scale up or down the workforce as needed, adjusting the number of contractors based on project demands or business fluctuations.


We provide access to a diverse pool of skilled contractors, each specialized in specific areas, bringing unique expertise to your projects.


Hiring contractors can be more cost-efficient than maintaining a full-time workforce, as you only pay for the contracted services when required.

Focus on Core Activities

By outsourcing certain tasks to contractors, you can concentrate on your core business functions, leading to increased efficiency.

Risk Mitigation

As independent workers, contractors bear their own liabilities, reducing the legal and financial risks for your company.

Project-Specific Support

We match contractors with specific project requirements, ensuring that you have the right expertise for each task.





We handle payroll, social security, sick and maternity leave, as well as managing days off and replacements for your team.

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We ensure compliance with local laws, handle tax declarations, and operate as an all-legal firm.


We offer comprehensive benefits, including health insurance, 401(k) and social pensions, dental and vision coverage, and much more.


We take care of contract signing and candidate onboarding without any commitment required from your side.



We comply with local laws and tax obligations

At Remootify, all hiring processes and contracts adhere to local laws and tax obligations. Our offerings include health insurance, dental, vision, and 401(k) plans for employees. Additionally, we handle contract signing with hired candidates, requiring no long-term engagement from your side.




You can pay in the currency of your choice

We guarantee payment in the local currency of your team, offering multiple payment options such as PayPal, Credit Card, Western Union, and bank transfer. Your team receives clear and transparent payslips to track their earnings, and we provide monthly reports on financial and work performance for your reference.